Special management for summer plantings

  1. Due to high temperatures during summer plantings in the greenhouse, the grower should have covered the roof plastic with putty, which has to removed in time after the high temperature period.
  2. If there is a pipe and moisture installation, it should be attached to the wires above the ground and ready to be used if necessary after the planting with some water before midday and early in the afternoon. 
  3. Planting should take place in the afternoon or early in the morning – never midday
  4. During planting the plant’s stem should not touch the black watering pipe, the high temperature that the pipe has during summer might causes burns on the stem. 
  5. The grower should leave some water to flow from the main pipe or the moisture installation before using them because the water is really hot. 
  6. It is really important for the grower to be present during planting. A small pit is made with a improvised tool so as to place the plant in it, without the turf being osculated to the pit sides because it might causes dehydration to the plants especially during hot months.