Ordering Instructions for Vegetable seedlings

Guidance for a correct order.
  1. Fill in the order form correctly (Order Form)
  2. Be informed about the hybrids’ correct planting period.
  3. Make a good estimation about the plants’ quantity, depending on the planting  distance per 1000m2.
  4. Make a good estimation on the planting period depending on the chosen variety.
  5. Tick on the disk type depending on the plant size you want. (chart A)
  6. Check in time if your order has been delivered by us either by fax or by phone.
Disk Type Description
Type A 28 or 20 plants per disk
Type B 45 plants per disk
Type C 66 plants per disk
Type D 112 plants per disk
Type E 18 plants per disk - pot
Type Z 21 plants – Grodan (hydroponics)
Type H 200 plants – A.O 

Dear Producer,

Be aware that young plants are sensitive units. Even though they are delivered to the grower vigorous and with extreme stamina, he has to be extremely careful during planting, so he has to read carefully the following instructions.:

  1. Guidance prior the delivery of Vegetable Seedlings.
  2. Guidance after the vegetable seedlings’ delivery and handling before and after their planting in the greenhouse..
  3. Special management for summer plantings.