Guidance prior the delivery of Vegetable Seedlings

  1. The planting date must have been properly scheduled, so as all programmed tasks prior planting to have been completed.
  2. The seedlings cannot be planted earlier the scheduled date, since the root system has not been efficiently developed but any delivery delay and consequently planting, decreases their quality. If the programmed planting date has changed, the grower should come in touch as soon as possible with the nursery or with the agricultural supplies’ store so as to be decided whether to delay the delivery or to dispose the plants to another client. In any case, the nursery does not bear any kind of responsibility for a problem that may be caused from the above reasons.
  3. Firstly because of the days needed from the sowing date till the plants are ready to be planted in the greenhouse, secondly depend on the weather conditions which affect each variety separately and thirdly the orders are put into groups and sown in certain week days, the grower need to have prepared his greenhouse the entire week given as delivery period. 
  4. The deliveries are scheduled from the previous day, so the grower will be notified or the agricultural supplies’ store about the delivery hour..
  5. If disinfection is scheduled, the grower should come in touch with the agronomist he works with so as to be informed on how many days need to be intervened between the disinfection and planting date.
  6. If the irrigation supply is not possible at every day basis, the nursery should be notified when the order is placed so as to schedule the delivery accordingly. 
  7. The grower should be informed for all precaution measures that need to be taken before the planting so as to avoid any infections carried by insects, for example:.
  • the weeds need to have been removed round the greenhouse
  • an insect net must have been placed on the ventilations
  • the grower must have sprayed the net with the appropriate pesticide
  • the grower must have built a hall of net at his greenhouse entrance.