Guidance after the vegetable seedlings’ delivery and handling before and after their planting in the greenhouse

  1. The plants should be checked as soon as they are delivered and if there is a notable problem, the nursery or the agricultural supplies store should be notified.
  2. If the grower is not ready to plant, he should not leave his young plants more than 12 hours in the boxes. Their transpiration might develop humidity and cause fungal diseases. Otherwise, the disks should be taken off the box and placed on a clean spot released from residues of the previous cultivation. The plants need to be watered when it is necessary.
  3. The plant comes out easily off the disk by pulling it gently from the bottom of its stem. If the plant cannot be removed easily, the disks should be left for a few hours without water till the turf gets more firm, in that way the plant can be removed easily. 
  4. The plant during planting should have its roots covered in soil and watered immediately. If there are plenty of plants to be placed, the grower should not put them all at once. He should divide the planting and the rest of the tasks. If the plants are grafted, the grafting point should not be covered. 
  5. The grower should water the plants’ roots  in time after their being placed in the ground. The grower should get a plant protection guidance by his agronomist.