Company Profile

Φυτώριο κηπευτικών - Σπορόφυτων κηπευτικών - κηπευτικάBy showing the upmost respect to quality and eager to work properly, Fytochem S.A has founded a modern unit of 20.000 m2 , for the seedlings production. With superb design, computerization, application of modern technology and institution of the most strict measures of plant protection we grow and deliver to the grower a vigorous and healthy plant. 
The unit is composed by two parts, the first is in Nea Myrtos at the AGROSYSTEM GROUP headquarters and the second in Gra Lygia – close to the first part.  We have recently extended the second part with at the same time modernization of the entire unit. We have been recently certified by Global Plant Propagation Material Standard V2 , adjusting our services to the ever increased quality needs.